The Day of my Birth Has Come and GONE!!!

Yesterday was my birthday! Today I reflected back over my 38 years and began to wonder what I have to show for it. Besides getting my Master’s (was on my bucket list), working at a job I love, owning my own home, having a loving family- I have a question- Am I truly happy? I mean the kind of happy where you can smile all the time and just know in your heart that things feel good the way they are. That kind of happy that when you look at other people’s lives and see where they are in life and it makes you jealous. I mean that kind of life that it is so good that there is not a general care in the world. The answer is YES! I am happy to be alive, in love with the fact that I am not afraid to be who I am right now and have a great family. All the rest of the stuff is just that. Yes it all is a plus but who are we really fooling with it- OURSELVES (how selfish!). 

I guess as you turn older there is a lot to be said about the wisdom you receive. I am thankful for that wisdom because it can and has saved me from a lot of precarious situations. I am at a point where I have decided to enjoy life more and stop taking everything so seriously all the time. As they say “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” The one thing I take away from this past year is that I am blessed and maybe I just never recognized or acknowledged it before, but I am. I have the FATHER up above to thank for that. My great-great grandmother always said, “Live your life with gratitude and not attitude.” I hope she can see how right she is.


Well I have just taken the second class of sock making on 4 dpns. I love the results! I have to stop using the death grip on my needles but I love the results and can not believe how fast they are knitting up.

I purchased a kit to do a beaded cowl. I need to let this project rest before really starting because I have had to rip it out twice already. 

Also I purchased a book to teach how to design crochet garments which is something I have always wanted to do, and so that is the first step. But before I can get into it, I have to finish some of these projects I have waiting.

WW is going great! I am down 6.6 pds and going. 2 Weeks and I am already seeing results. The one thing I really noticed at first is when the pants come out of the dryer it is not a struggle to get them on. Phewwwwww! I really have incentive to keep going.



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